Flexirent Incentive and Rebate System Functional Design

Flexirent logo
  • Flexirent is a finance company that provides credit to retail customers to buy goods on hire purchase.
  • The ‘Flexirent Incentive and Rebate System’ allowed retail sales staff to earn incentive points by selling Flexirent to customers.
  • The system included a complex system of timed goals and incentives, combinations of different products, and the ability for participants to keep points when they change employers.
  • I carried out workshops with senior Flexirent staff to ascertain the required functionality. I then wrote the full functional specification which included:
    • Documentation of all system functions for users (salespeople) and administrators (Flexirent team members)
    • Wireframes for all user and administrator interfaces
    • Documentation of all user journeys and processes required to register users, create new financial products, report on performance, monitor users’ sales activity, award points and provide the correct rebates.
  • The system was built and successfully ran the Flexirent sales incentive and rebate system.
  • Visit the Flexirent website.