British Gas Jobs Website

British Gas Jobs wireframe
British Gas Jobs wireframe

National Archives Information Architecture

National Archives logo

  • The British National Archives needed user research in how best to categorize their many searchable record sets.
  • Public archives users – such as people researching their family history – needed to easily understand what records were available and how to find them.
  • I prepared, facilitated and analyzed a large card sort study with National Archives users.
  • The resulting categorization scheme was presented to the NA online team and was adopted as the basis of categorizing their records by subject on the National Archives website.

Centrica Intranet Design and Architecture

Centrica businesses
  • Centrica is a large British energy company that owns British Gas amongst other companies.
  • They were unhappy with their existing intranet and were rolling out a new one using Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Centrica wanted each company to have its own branded intranet but also allow users access to the intranets of other Centrica companies within the same SharePoint structure.
  • For example, British Gas emiployees would have their own intranet but would also be able to switch into the Direct Energy intranet.
  • The intranet needed to pull together a range of previously disparate information sources, including those used by call centre teams while on the phone with customers. Speed of finding information was therefore a high priority.
  • The architecture needed to conform to certain constraints of the SharePoint system as there was no budget for extensive development.
  • I audited the existing intranet content and other information sources, and facilitated a series of workshops with managers and team members from the major divisions.
  • I produced wireframes and advised graphic designers on structure and functionality
  • The graphic designs, information architecture and other advice on functions were presented to Centrica’s Director of CSR and Digital Media and their IT team. These were then implemented in their SharePoint intranet rollout.

SABMiller Corporate Website

  • SABMiller is a beer manufacturing company in the FTSE 100 with operations in over 75 countries
  • They wanted a new corporate website as their existing site was dated and amateurish
  • As User Experience Architect I produced the information architecture, and interaction design for the career section, media library and report tools and was responsible for usability overall
  • I also wrote the functional specification for the content management system and interaction with third-party systems including the Taleo careers application system and the news ticker from the company intranet
  • Go to the SABMiller corporate website

Learndirect Usability Testing and Catalogue IA

Learndirect logo
  • Learndirect is a UK government organisation that provides e-learning and qualifications on a wide range of topics, via third party providers.
  • As a consultant, I carried out a card sort activity to improve the structure of the online catalogue
  • I also ran user testing on several Learndirect e-learning modules and presented the findings back to Learndirect.
  • Find out more about Learndirect

Maxxium SharePoint Intranet

  • Maxxium is an Australian beverage importer and distributor
  • They required a company intranet and had decided on Microsoft SharePoint as the platform
  • As the business analyst on this project I:
    • Ran requirements gathering workshops with business divisions
    • Designed the information architecture
    • Wrote the functional specification including SharePoint component configurations and document search metadata