Other Activities

Philosophy site: Unmaterialism 4.0

I have a philosophy blog site – Unmaterialism 4.0 – which explores in a popular way some of the main ideas discussed in my PhD thesis.


Blog: Consciousness and Pop Stuff

I also have a blog called Consciousness and Pop Stuff in which I discuss the assumptions about consciousness which are made in popular movies and TV like Star Wars and Star Trek.


Film-making: The Elsinore Deception

A friend and I made a 51-min mock-documentary based on Hamlet. We screened it at the University of Western Australia as part of their Shakepeare studies course. It was also shown at the West Australian FTI Film Festival.


Film-making: Corporate promotional videos

I also made two videos while working at Dataflow Computer Services that were shown at the Harvey Norman conference. These weren’t information-oriented, they were just 10-minute episodes intended to be memorable and, hopefully, amusing.

The first was a Mission Impossible theme and the second was a South Park theme.